Should you buy social media following likes and views for your accounts?

Should you buy social media following likes and views for your accounts?

You are most likely aware of paid social promotions however, should you do it to your business? Fortunately we know more about social media and paid promotions than most people who use social media. In this article, we are going to outline whether its a good thing to buy your followers, likes and plays on your social media accounts. There are many business who are able to deliver followers, likes and even plays but only a handful do it risk free. Not all providers are good and most cause more harm than they do good so that needs to be taken into consideration.

Why Social Media is important for your reputation.

In today’s modern day world, almost 95% of all people are connected somehow by social media. Social Media is the place where individuals can portray their lives to others and where businesses can show of their products. Instagram, Spotify, Facebook, YouTube all provide more audience reach. Social media has great advantages for businesses as it allows companies to promote their business easier than conventional methods. Obtaining organic results has never been easier!

Is it safe to buy Instagram likes?

Not all websites are good for buying social media likes and followers as many are able to get your account banned or blacklisted. Websites that provide Instagram followers, likes, and views more safely than others. Buying the cheapest source is not always the best as you do not want to put your account at jeopardy so make sure you use a very reputable source to obtain likes or following for Instagram.

Why should you buy followers?

Buying followers can help portray your image as being an “influencer”. As the old saying goes, nobody wants to follow somebody with 0 followers and its been statistically proven. Nobody ever wants to be the first unfortunately and it can help you to buy followers for maintaining the forward facing image of your business. Many people choose to purchase views, followers and plays to ensure their customers see that they are indeed popular even before they actually are.

Why bother being famous on social media?

  1. Social media apps have been known to create overnight celebrities like Dan Bilzerian. It has been known to turn nobodies into somebodies.
  2. Greater reach to your target audience.
  3. Low cost maintenance.
  4. Amazing for brand awareness.


Having a decent follow base is a good thing and nobody wants to start from 0. It can be very beneficial to buy followers, subscribers or views for your social media accounts like Instagram, Spotify and YouTube.