The Best Games of 2019

The Best Games of 2019

Best Games

The year 2019, was indeed a glorious one for the gaming industry, as numerous giants released their version of games. Most of them hit platforms, and some of them are yet to come. In the end, we were left with some classics that the tech industry appreciated and gave birth to a new set of gamers. Although most of these games had their own set of audiences, they tend to take a step back when it comes to comparisons. Hence, to make matters clear, here are some of the best games that the year witnessed.

1. Control

With Control, gamers were welcomed into a world of craze, power and all kinds of technical brilliance. In terms of graphics and narrative techniques, the game pushed boundaries and was successful in creating a huge base of fans. Once you are in sync with the features and the language that the game involves, you will be glad about the kind of limits that they have been pushing. Soon after the game hits, you will be engrossed and might not do anything apart from gaming. Hence, as far as 2019 is concerned, Control seems to be the best.

2. Outer Wilds

Outer Wilds

We understand that the two spots might lead to debates and arguments, but as a matter of perspective, here is our list. Outer Wilds was more than just a game since it lets you explore science fiction to a large extent. People tend to come up with numerous conclusions and points about the game until they start venturing into this world. The game has certain moments that you will cherish and remember for the rest of your gaming period. It is a whole new experience, and the gaming industry accepted it with open hands.

3. BABA Is You

Baba Is You is a two-part gaming experience which you need to excel with the right forms of skills. It is a puzzle game that requires to solve things before you plan on entering the second part. But you need to keep in mind that this is no ordinary puzzle. It extends the boundaries of breaking the rules and rewrites things in the right direction. Unlike other games, you need to learn it and try to adopt the same.

4. Luigi’s Mansion 3

Luigi’s Mansion 3

Luigi’s Mansion 3 took things to another level and made aspects way better when compared to the previous versions of the same game. From great puzzles to inventive designs, everything falls in the right place. The developers took time to implement the change, and they brought about such changes after a lot of thinking. In all aspects, it is quite safe to say that Luigi’s Mansion 3 is the top game in 2019.